About us - ROZO

About us

ROZO, Energy Efficiency Consulting Company

  • 2010 : Inventage E&E is founded

    Number of employees: 3
    Services: Green tax, White Certificates, GHG assessments, industry audits

  • 2013 : Inventage E&E opens regional branch offices

    Number of employees: 20
    New services: Energy procurement consulting, training
    Branch offices open in Nantes, Lyon and Marseille

  • 2016: Inventage E&E expands regionally and internationally

    Number of employees: 36
    New services: Programmes for combatting fuel poverty
    A branch office opens in Barcelona

  • 2017: Rozo is founded

    Number of employees : 40
    New services: Renewable energy

Our Motivation

Dynamic, flexible and strong, we take pride in exemplifying our values and commitments. Energy efficiency and the energy transition are more than just a job – they are challenges that we tackle on a daily basis. That is why we assist our clients in transforming their perspective by incorporating energy efficiency practices into their organisations.


Our Team

Rozo’s expertise is rooted in a dynamic, committed team of employees who provide long-term support for all of your energy development projects.
Our team is on hand to help you on a daily basis, with employees drawn from a wide array of backgrounds:

In addition, our core values include attentiveness and proximity to our clients, backed by our presence across France (in Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Marseille) and internationally (Barcelona, Spain).


Few numbers

  • 219 Customers
  • Men 25
  • 15 Women
  • Average age 331 months
  • A 100 % happy workforce
  • 5 offices
  • A presence in 2 countries
  • Jokes per day 22