Renewable energy - ROZO can guide you through all of your Energy Efficiency projects

Renewable energy

Having set official targets for increasing the share of renewable energy in its energy mix, France offers a favourable regulatory environment for developing green energy production facilities.
The biodiversity law that took effect in August 2017 requires that all new commercial construction include renewable energy production or green space on a portion of the roof. Moreover, France has been encouraging self-consumption by launching national and regional calls for tenders and adopting a law (on 24 February 2017) that requires network operators to make self-consumption easier and to guarantee specified feed-in tariffs.

Are you a property owner, or the owner of commercial space or industrial or agricultural buildings, and you’d like to:

  • Monetize your property assets, such as roofs or parking areas ?
  • Move towards energy self-sufficiency by meeting all or a portion of your electricity needs with your own facility?
  • Promote your efforts on behalf of the environment among your customers, employees or local elected officials?
  • Reduce your ecological footprint by producing and consuming green energy that generates no CO₂ emissions?
  • Improve comfort for your customers and employees by erecting parking shelters to protect their vehicles from the sun and inclement weather?

Rozo can guide you through all of your photovoltaic solar energy production projects.
With our expertise, we can:

– Study the potential for integrating renewable energy sources into your Energy Efficiency projects;

– Evaluate whether you might benefit from a self-consumption initiative;

– Offer technical project management support, with the scope to be determined on a case-by-case basis;

– Identify financing and grants available so as to define the financial model that is best suited to your project.

In order to maintain a comprehensive perspective on energy management, building energy management solutions are used to manage and optimize energy production. These solutions can address issues such as flexibility, energy storage and self-consumption. Our team is available to guide you through the technical decisions that will ensure optimal production and consumption of renewable energy.

The ROZO's

  • The ability to identify potential renewable energy projects after the performance of energy audits;
  • Turnkey project performance: from the feasibility study to preparing a call for tenders and tracking the performance of installed equipment.
  • An impartial view of the various industry players, ensuring optimal service quality.

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