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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions represents a major challenge for today’s companies, one that is reaffirmed by every government and international summit. In order to prepare an energy and environmental action plan, businesses and local authorities – which play a sizable role in meeting that challenge – must conduct a GHG assessment.

You are legally required to conduct an audit of your GHG emissions every four years if you are:

– A company with more than 500 employees,
– A local or regional authority with more than 50,000 inhabitants,
– A government facility or other public entity with more than 250 employees.

You may also be acting at your own initiative or at the request of your customers:

– You wish to improve your company’s environmental and energy performance;
– Your trade partners are requesting information on your emissions or those of your products (including a life cycle assessment);
– You need to conduct an assessment in order to qualify for certain contracts or calls for tenders.

Rozo conducts customized GHG Emissions Assessments (from statutory assessments to a comprehensive analysis or a calculation of specific emission factors), regardless of your business sector or the number of sites or activities to be included. The study can be conducted independently in compliance with a regulatory obligation, or it may be more appropriate to combine it with an energy audit.

The ROZO's

  • The technical expertise of our teams in the field of energy (the biggest source of statutory greenhouse gas emissions at the regulatory level). We provide detailed proposals for action and calculate return on investment in both time and money.
  • Our multi-industry experience in energy and greenhouse gases (manufacturing, services, local authorities, retailing, transport, logistics, etc.).

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