Rozo - Energy performance to help you become more competitive.

Inventage E&E is now Rozo


Inventage E&E – a division of Inventage since 2010 – is changing its name to become Rozo


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Our services, grouped into three areas

  • Technical
  • Financing
  • Expert support

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Rozo offers a range of customisable training programmes to suit your needs.

Are you looking to master the basic principles of Energy Savings Certificates?
Or the ISO 50001 standard?

Are you interested in becoming an energy adviser at your site?

ROZO: Energy performance to help you become more competitive

Achieve long-term reductions in your energy costs and environmental footprint


Who are we?

  • Skills and businesses to serve our customers
  • Flexible, scalable services
  • Acknowledged experience in the industrial, commercial, transport and residential sectors
  • Proximity to our customers thanks to a network of regional offices
  • A responsive team that’s attentive to your needs

Our customers

  • Support for the creation of an ISO 50001 energy management system.

  • Performance of energy audits at production sites, generation of white certificates, support for ISO 50001 certification.

  • Support for identifying eligible measures and generating white certificates at 10 French sites since 2011; performance of energy audits.

  • Assistance in meeting its white certificate (Energy Savings Certificate) obligations, through actions targeting both individual consumers and businesses.

  • Member of the ORACE association advising on energy efficiency solutions; presentations on energy efficiency given in the Loire region.

  • Support for ISO 50001 certification at two sites, ranging from an energy audit to a mock audit and generation of white certificates.

    Mutual Logistics
  • Comprehensive support for ISO 50001 certification, from an energy audit to mock audits and generation of white certificates.

  • Support for funding energy savings campaigns, performance of energy audits.

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