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Energy Engineering

Once you’ve identified opportunities for improving your site’s energy use, it can be difficult to take the necessary steps to reduce your consumption.

Are you interested in adopting an investment plan for reducing and managing your energy consumption? Do you need support for moving from the study phase to the project phase?

Projects for improving a site’s energy efficiency need to be coordinated at every stage to ensure they yield the anticipated savings.

Rozo’s energy engineering services are designed to meet the needs of project leaders. Our services are broken down into two phases:

– The feasibility study, conducted after an energy audit of your site. This study compiles all the necessary information for making decisions about your project;

– Project management support, to coordinate performance of the work and ensure that the anticipated savings can be achieved.

The ROZO's

  • Services adapted to the maturity of your project;
  • Technical expertise;
  • A comprehensive overview of the project, from identifying the issues to performing the work.

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