Inventage E&E is now ROZO - ROZO

Inventage E&E is now ROZO

Inventage devient ROZOBack in 2010, Inventage inaugurated its Energy and Environment Department. The department had three employees at the time, and offered three services: green tax analyses, industry audits and greenhouse-gas assessments.

Today the department boasts 40 employees and offers a comprehensive range of energy efficiency services for its clients, focusing on three areas: technology, financing and expert support.

In that spirit of growth and continuous improvement, the department is reorganizing and changing its name to become Rozo, a new affiliate of the Inventage Group.

The ROZO team is built around shared values of sustainability and respect for our planet, reflected in the actions we take and the commitment of every employee, to the point that we are now a leading player in the market for energy efficiency.

In a field that is constantly changing, Rozo’s strength will be rooted in its flexibility and ability to adapt quickly – traits that ensure we can provide stable, long-term support in managing your projects.

ROZO’s unique identity helps define our growth, symbolizes our commitments to our customers and exemplifies the company’s values.

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